Services We Provide

General Medical Services

This is the basic contract of services provided by GPs to their registered patients for long term and/or minor illnesses.

Antenatal & Postnatal Services

The Practice provides support to the community midwives based at the New Parks Sure Start Centre. The Postnatal Care is provided at The Parks Medical Centre.

6 – 8 Week Baby Checks

The GP’s provide 6-8 week baby checks at the Practice.

We are currently booking these at 8 weeks to allow the babies to be vaccinated at the same time. This is to avoid multiple visits to the practice at such a young age.

Sexual Health and Contraceptive Services

Our GPs and Practice Nurse provide appropriate advice on safe sex, the morning-after pill and sexually transmitted diseases. They also offer advice about various methods of contraception e.g. contraceptive pills or coil insertions. Pre-conceptual advice is also available.

Minor Surgery

A variety of minor surgical procedures can be performed at the medical centre by our experienced medical staff.

Health Screening and Long Term Illness Care

The National Vascular Screening Programme is offered at The Practice. This is currently only offered to people aged 40 – 74 years.

We also offer health screening programmes, in accordance with national guidance, for people with specific family histories of long term illnesses e.g Diabetes, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Asthma, COPD, Hypertension, etc.

All the doctors and nurses are able to provide diagnosis, management and monitoring of long term illnesses. These services are held as routine appointments rather than as specific clinics.

Cervical Screening

The Practice offers The National Cervical Screening Programme which encourages all females aged 25 – 65 years to participate in the programme. Call and recall systems are in place.

Females who do not wish to participate in this screening programme may be asked to sign a form declining their participation every year. However, they have the right to rejoin the programme at any time.

Childhood Vaccinations

The Practice provides pre-school, primary and adolescent vaccinations in accordance with the National Vaccination Programme. This is a flexible vaccination scheme.

Travel Advice and Vaccinations

We provide travel vaccination advice, issue prescriptions in accordance with the national programme and give vaccinations when indicated.

Although this service is free some vaccinations are not included in the national programme and payment for these is applicable. To access this service you will be required to complete a form, available from reception, indicating your destination and travel arrangements.


A phlebotomist provides free blood tests if requested by our own medical staff or hosptial doctors.

For blood tests requested by a third party or a private provider, i.e. insurance claims etc, a charge may be applicable.

Smoking Cessation

The Parks Medical Centre actively participates in both the local and national STOP Programmes. Prescriptions are issued in accordance with the local monitoring and national guidelines.


This service is provided by private arrangement only – please ask at reception or telephone for more details.

Anticoagulation Service

This service is offered at the practice for all patients that require Anticoagulation in specified clinics.